Yokine Residence

  • Location Yokine
  • Year of Completion 2007
  • Site Area 865 sqm

Making small look big

This designer home in Yokine is opposite a big, well-maintained reserve. It’s a wonderfully relaxing outlook, so we wanted our design to frame this natural vista in the best-possible way.

The site itself presented one major challenge; it was only 10 metres wide. So how the house maximised the available land was absolutely crucial to the success of this project.

At the centre of the house is the living room – a large, double-volume void with full-height glazing which visually offsets the limitations of the space. Various courtyard spaces, timber decking and additional extensive windows and glass doors further connect the indoors with the outside. Overall, the design is one of clean lines and simple geometric forms.

The exterior and interior palettes are both simple and neutral allowing accents of natural timber to stand out and breathe warmth and character into the home.