Ocean Beach Hotel

  • Location Cottesloe Beach Foreshore
  • Site Area 11,694sqm
  • Hotel Rooms 167
  • Function Space 997sqm
  • Commercial Area 3,057sqm
  • Residential Apartments and Town Houses 229
  • Public Carbays 219
  • Public Open Space 3798sqm

The Ocean Beach Hotel and Hillam Architects are excited with the prospect of delivering Perth’s very best integrated mixed use project to the Cottesloe foreshore.

This development is ideally suited to this premium location. The development focuses on delivering a hotel, amenities and apartments that replicate the expectations of owners who are used to living in premium quality homes in premier locations along the beach front.

The Ocean Beach Hotel Development will embody world class architecture and exemplary design, befitting the projects unique ocean location. The proposal will go beyond expectation, delivering unprecedented level of benefit that will be a significant asset to the local and wider community.

The uses have been thoughtfully planned to be compatible and consistent with its regionally important beach front location, surrounding development and the amenity of the locality. As a result the following land uses and amenity have been provided in the proposed development; commercial area including an ocean view bar, hotel with 167 hotel rooms, hotel rooftop breakfast and bar, hotel rooftop with infinity pool, function space, landscaped outdoor function space, residential apartments and town houses, landscaped residential amenity, indoor residential amenity, 775 total car bays for residential, public and hotel, 219 public car bays and significant public open space.

Extensive research of Cottesloe has been carried out to thoughtfully curate a programme of benefits for the community.

The highly articulated building form is responsive and sympathetic to its surroundings and incorporates significant setback to create extensive landscaped areas. The organic forms and highly considered configuration of the residential and hotel component allows for key view corridors to the ocean for residents.