Here at Hillam we value employee experience; we are collaborative, diverse and flexible and are proud to support working parents with flexibility and our parental policy.

If you are interested in applying for a position at Hillam Architects or would like a copy of our Parental Policy, please email Nadia D’Limi at

David Hillam David Hillam alternate

David Hillam


Neil Evans Neil Evans alternate

Neil Evans

Chief Operating Officer

Louise Johais

Louise Johais

Chief Financial Officer

Greg Ewart Greg Ewart alternate

Greg Ewart

Project Director

Narelle Helean Narelle Helean alternate

Narelle Helean

Business Development & Development Management

Gary Godfrey Gary Godfrey alternate

Gary Godfrey

Project Director

Luis Schilling Luis Schilling alternate

Luis Schilling

Senior Associate

Ethan Trang Ethan Trang alternate

Ethan Trang


Louise Ward Louise Ward alternate

Louise Ward


Joby Joseph Joby Joseph alternate

Joby Joseph


Camille Ricciardi Camille Ricciardi alternate

Camille Ricciardi


Nadia D’Limi Nadia D’Limi alternate

Nadia D’Limi

People and Culture

Sophie Grewal Sophie Grewal alternate

Sophie Grewal

Roberta Rosato Roberta Rosato alternate

Roberta Rosato

Alicia Abbott Alicia Abbott alternate

Alicia Abbott

Philip Martin Philip Martin alternate

Philip Martin

Dean Robinson Dean Robinson alternate

Dean Robinson

Yean Chuan Seng Yean Chuan Seng alternate

Yean Chuan Seng

Nisha Babu Nisha Babu alternate

Nisha Babu

Timur Kolchin Timur Kolchin alternate

Timur Kolchin

Mitchell Kahl Mitchell Kahl alternate

Mitchell Kahl

Joel Garic Joel Garic alternate

Joel Garic

Andjela Stamenkovic Andjela Stamenkovic alternate

Andjela Stamenkovic

Hoang Long Nguyen Hoang Long Nguyen alternate

Hoang Long Nguyen

Marco da Trindade Marco da Trindade alternate

Marco da Trindade

Jessica Kennedy Jessica Kennedy alternate

Jessica Kennedy

Ashlea Findlay Ashlea Findlay alternate

Ashlea Findlay

Charlotte Black Charlotte Black alternate

Charlotte Black

Kate Berkhout Kate Berkhout alternate

Kate Berkhout

Jonathan Vanzetti Jonathan Vanzetti alternate

Jonathan Vanzetti

Samira Ghani Samira Ghani alternate

Samira Ghani

Yen Wong Yen Wong alternate

Yen Wong

Giuseppe Cataldo Giuseppe Cataldo alternate

Giuseppe Cataldo

Raya Sargeant Raya Sargeant alternate

Raya Sargeant

Khosal (Kav) Moloo Khosal (Kav) Moloo alternate

Khosal (Kav) Moloo

Kiana Malkin Kiana Malkin alternate

Kiana Malkin

Trish Jayallen Trish Jayallen alternate

Trish Jayallen

Our story begins in 1993 when David Hillam, Hillam Architects’ owner and Principal, opened his doors to clients who were looking for a residential Architect who could offer distinctive, high-quality design.

David founded this firm on the belief that the quality of our built-environment, whether in the work-place, at home, or in the public spaces between, directly influences the quality of lives.

David’s passion for understanding how people use and live in buildings, as well as his exceptional eye for design and obsession with detail, established Hillam Architects as one of Perth’s leading design firms. Awards followed, and the business grew.

Having built an enviable portfolio over the past 20 years, Hillam Architects sees opportunity for extraordinary design at every scale, from multi-residential, mixed-use and commercial developments through to bespoke, high-end single residential dwellings. We aim to produce spaces that inspire, elevate and exceed the lifestyle expectations of the people who interact with them.

Directly responsive to the needs of the client, the parameters of the site and climate, our projects reinforce the role of architecture in creating a sustainable future.

Experience gained through working for and with developers, has ensured we’ve adopted a pragmatic, hands-on approach to our commercial projects. We welcome the challenge of combining the business needs of stakeholders and developers with our passion for producing buildings that are innovative, exciting and enduring.

Our practice in this area, coupled with our excellent relationships with local authorities, consultants and contractors, allows us to push the boundaries and ensure projects are delivered on-time and on budget, without compromising on quality or aesthetics.


High-Quality Architecture

Architecture that responds elegantly and appropriately to all considerations and constraints be they regarding site, program, budget and marketability.

Hillam Architects have developed an enviable portfolio of award-winning design, gaining market acceptance and recognition in several professional and public award programs.

Positive Office Environment

This firm is built around a core of long-term staff, passionate about collaborative design and dedicated to excellence.

Pro-active management and a flexible company structure allow us resource any type of project effectively and concurrently.

Operating largely in a team environment, this small-medium size firm encourages direct lines of communication between all staff.

Practice Management

Regular in-house and external audits ensure the practice’s own Quality Management System is upheld.

Coupled with this System, Hillam Architects is actively involved in the AIA’s Professional Development Program to ensure all staff and continually improving.

Refined Interior Design

Lead by an experienced Interior Designer, our ‘Interiors’ team embraces a bold and creative approach. Due to efficient planning, diligence for detail and their passion for design, the team are recognised for sleek, and yet, functional spaces.

Advanced Information & Technology

To ensure productive and effective operation, all staff members are proficient with the latest architectural software. All projects are currently designed and documented using CAD platforms, however, we are currently implementing BIM.
Our dedicated visualisation team is able to quickly produce 3D visual renders, allowing the clients to be more involved in the design stages.