City Beach Residence II

  • Location City Beach
  • Year of Completion 2012
  • Site Area 1072 sqm

A complete 1960’s revival

This 1960’s home in an established area of City Beach had remained virtually untouched until our client decided to completely renovate the property.

Our design kept key elements of the original structure and added highlight glazing with simple, interspersed panels of glass and masonry. We also carefully planned the new features around the site’s varied topology and well-established peppermint and olive trees. The result is an ultra-modern home which is still reminiscent of the original dwelling and the traditional housing stock of the area.

The main addition to the home is a rectilinear pavilion, set perpendicular to the original dwelling. This projects itself proudly forward of the original structure with a cantilevered face protecting a north-facing, enclosed terrace below. The pavilion’s rear section extends to the southern boundary sheltering a living court and pool from dominant, south-westerly winds.

At the front of the house, we added an outdoor living terrace and an open-glazed door to help connect the owners with the community. Views to minor courtyards and the swimming pool were carefully framed from adjacent rooms.

Sustainability was also part of the home’s upgrade. Energy-saving initiatives included external shading devices and deep eaves, operable windows for cross ventilation, high ceilings and deciduous trees.