• Location Shoreline
  • Site Area 910 sqm
  • No. of Residential 12

“Off the section”

Affordable housing is not just defined by up-front costs but also needs to consider ongoing maintenance costs, strata fees and utility rates. This project aims to prevent purchasers from becoming hindered by their mortgage through addressing these issues and offering additional affordable opportunities via ‘active’ communal spaces. Twelve highly sustainable townhouses aim to create a sense of community and shared ownership whilst maintaining privacy and comfort.

A common roof terrace on each wing of the project is partially divided by the sloping tilt-up concrete panels. This provides privacy to each unit whilst maintaining a sense of community. On the northern wing the roof terrace provides access from the smaller one and two bedroom units to the ‘communal sleeping ‘ and ‘communal office’ areas. Though these are intended for use by all residents priority has been given to the residents of the smaller units who are more likely to require the additional spaces.

When not in use, these spaces can be hired out with the aim of subsiding strata fees and creating a sinking fund for he maintenance and upkeep of the development.