The Foundry

  • Location Subiaco
  • Developer Hillam Architects
  • Year of Completion 2009
  • Site Area 1027 sqm
  • No. of Residential 8
  • No. of Commercial 1

Redefining Roydhouse Street

The Foundry in Subiaco’s Roydhouse Street precinct is a mixed use development of eight residential apartments and a single commercial tenancy. Its name reflects the site’s original industrial use which is also illustrated in the specially-commissioned artwork on the building’s facade.

The staged urban-renewal of this precinct presented both a challenge and a starting point for the design. Our two major considerations were providing the residential apartments with a sanctuary from the present industrial environment; and establishing architecture which would relate to both the current industrial context and the future urban landscape.

Our design incorporated deliberately over-sized balconies and generous living areas to maintain a liberal use of space; and we planted giant bamboo to form a natural privacy screen from the neighbouring building.

The apartments and foyer spaces were carefully configured to create internalised views to the central courtyard which features soft landscaping elements alongside a pool, spa and gymnasium.