Lockhart Street

  • Location Lockhart Street, Como
  • Developer Olivii Pty Ltd.
  • Year of Completion -
  • No. of Residential 84
  • No. of Commercial 3

Situated on Lockhart Street in Como, the 10 storey mixed-use development comprises of 84 apartments configured over 9 levels. The proposed development is positioned within walking distance to the Canning Bridge Train Station and associated Activity centre, as well as Kwinana Freeway and Canning Highway, connecting the site to the greater metropolitan area of Perth.

The design provides an appropriate mix of apartment types for the area, with a primary focus on providing a high quality affordable product. The proposal activates the street by introducing an interface of desirable commercial tenancies and interactive public artwork while also enhancing the resident’s amenity and experience of the podium with added facilities.

The lot is ideally orientated, with its main frontage facing East and a large portion facing North, positioning the majority of apartments to take maximum advantage of northern light. Residential communal amenities offered include gym, lounges, outdoor swimming pool deck, outdoor BBQ areas, roof viewing deck and landscaped garden spaces.

Landscaping plays an important role to soften and create a transitional zone between public and private spaces, with a substantial amount of greenery being added to the private residential balconies, designed with the “courtyard concept” in mind.

The organic form of the podium is accentuated by its material pallet of vertical timber-like battens creating an engaging architectural experience. Perforated metal screens are proposed to the facades facing north and the freeway, to mitigate privacy issues and noise levels. The material proposed is light and elegant with dynamic folding of the screens to enhance the residential design of the tower. The use of concrete through the design provides another texture which lends itself to the neutral, sustainable building palette.