Montreal Commons

  • Location Fremantle
  • Developer OP Properties
  • Year of Completion 2024 (anticipated)
  • No. of Residential 39
  • Builder Northerly

Montreal Commons, Fremantle is a mixed-use residential development which reflects and reinterprets the rich light-industrial heritage and contemporary architectural character of the Knutsford precinct. The building is intended to contribute to the urban fabric of one of Perth’s most diverse and sustainable communities. A main feature of the building is its statement sawtooth roofs, working with the angled façade and mixture of raw materials to establish a unique identity and street presence.

As a carbon neutral and One Planet Living community, Montreal Commons’ architectural design features have been carefully chosen to make an impact, while being sympathetic to the natural surrounds. Recycled-look bricks have been utilised to complement the heritage component and character of the area.

The spatial arrangement of the courtyard, periphery walkways and main stair echo the utilitarian layout of a working factory floor. The central courtyard space anchors the building and serves as both a recreational space for residents; as well as a privacy buffer between apartments. It allows for natural ventilation and sunlight into the site and, with the reduced massing to the Western aspect, will cater for great views towards Fremantle Harbour.

The garden below contributes to a positive visual experience as occupants enter and exit their apartments. Circulation has been designed to encircle the perimeter of the courtyard space which allows for passive surveillance and encourages social cohesion. The proposal has been carefully designed to facilitate natural cross ventilation to 100% of apartments, exceeding Design WA requirements.

Montreal Commons will be one of the first carbon neutral apartment buildings in Australia, with 100% of the building’s energy coming from renewable sources. The developer-funded rooftop solar PV system will feed a battery system on the neighbouring property through Power Ledger technology shared with the rest of the East Village Precinct community. A number of water-saving and waste management initiatives will also contribute to the precinct’s carbon neutral status, while creating a comfortable and sustainable living environment.

Visit the Montreal Commons website here.