The Collective

  • Location Rivervale
  • Developer Edge Visionary Living
  • Year of Completion 2015
  • Site Area 1264 sqm
  • No. of Residential 48

No two apartments the same

‘The Collective’ has been described as a cosmopolitan mix of youthful exuberance and riverfront luxury. Apartments vary considerably in size, layout and materiality, ‘no two are the same’ describes the client’s brief. Hillam Architects sought for expressive architectural statement to be created; one that challenges the mould and enrichens the public domain.

Its sophisticated and geometric form emerges in response to the building’s ‘pentagon-shaped’ site. Playful, projecting balconies create visual interest across the façade. It’s not so much an apartment building as a collection of unique addresses. Affordability was a core principal of the development. The cleverly designed, functional apartments with large balconies addressed a shortage in quality, affordable dwellings.

Our clients have responded well to the project as it manages to achieve a high yield, relative to the restricted size and challenging shape of the site. Components are utilised in creative and unusual ways, reinforcing the design. An undulating, perforated-metal screen, inspired by the local flora, softens building’s podium and addresses the streetscape. ‘The Collective’ is a sustainable, residential community of distinct character and lasting quality.