Light Pendant

Jemaya Thompson

Architectural Graduate

Exploring Materiality Boundaries

Hillam has recently turned to collaborate with local furniture designer – Nathan Day; one of Western Australia’s most talented furniture makers to begin experimentations to produce a light pendant to feature in an upcoming project.  Nathan Day Designs, located in the Yallingup region of the South-West, successfully twisted a Tasmanian oak timber plank 180 degrees.  This timber element which will house several lighting components, will act as a feature sculptural piece suspended over the kitchen island benches.

It is always exciting to push and explore the limitations of materials, which ultimately provide us a better understanding of how we may use and apply such materials in architecture and other design avenues.  The strikingly simplistic design of the light pendant, whilst seemingly effortless, hides a complexity of the light’s fabrication, which was overcome by Nathan Day’s craftsmanship and profound knowledge of timber.

The pendant light will be featured in the apartment development – Eden Floreat. Having been involved in the project’s architectural developments and exploring the minutiae of the design, the pendant light will sit effortlessly within the project which embodies a sense of simple serenity, that is enhanced through the transcending Perry Lakes reserve encroaching closely to site of the project.