Advanced 3D Modelling

Longsu He

Architectural Graduate

Realising design ideas in the digital world

Working through the schematic design phase can be quite challenging sometimes. As creative individuals working in the architectural profession, we like to explore different concepts at the early stage, trying out different solutions and testing various building methodologies. However there are always difficulties in terms of meeting the deadlines whilst exploring suitable design options.

Lately, we are fortunate enough to work on several projects that are both interesting and heavily design focused. However these projects also brought challenges in terms of constructing in 3d software due to their scales and complexity in forms. Hence transforming an idea from a piece of paper into a 3d model becomes critical.

Hillam Architects have been developing its 3D design work flow and utilising the 3D software in its true potential. This helps in realising the design ideas more accurately and more efficiently. Use of plugins, dynamic components and even parametric design were incorporated into the schematic process, allowing us to fully explore different design options which ultimately results in delivering better design outcomes for the clients and the build environment.