Edgecombe Apartments

  • Location Como
  • Developer Alocasia Property
  • Year of Completion -
  • Site Area 1062sqm
  • No. of Residential 20

A refined, design driven approach

Situated at the Edgecombe Street, the proposed development is positioned in close proximity to Canning Bridge Train Station, Kwinana Fwy and Canning Hwy as well as the greater metropolitan area of Perth. The site is located in a residential setting and is well serviced in terms of amenity within the immediate vicinity.

As part of the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan, the proposed building has the opportunity to become one of the first project to lead the residential redevelopment. In response to the planning scheme, it is proposed that the building be conceived as a bench mark for future multi-residential developments.

The general layout of the floor plans puts all apartments facing north and takes maximum advantage of the northern light. Circulation corridors are positioned away on the south side with louvred windows that allow solar access.

Perforated metal screens are used on the facade allowing residents to see through and enjoy park views whilst letting sunlight into the apartment space. Corner apartments on residential floors from first to fifth are clad with perforated screens arranged in a checker-board pattern breaking down the overall mass. Exterior walls are painted with dark grey finishes contrasting with the elegant and highly detailed metal screens. Slab edges are expressed through steel PFC details that wraps around the whole floor plate clearly indicating each storey and helps to further breaking the building’s bulk and scale.